Listen to your Records and Tapes again!

Clef Audio Services will restore the sounds and
memories of your favorite vinyl records and classic cassette tapes.

We have the patience, expertise and the right
equipment to produce the best results from any recording
format regardless of age, quality, size or speed.

The fidelity of your audio will not be compromised.
Your music will sound as it was meant to be heard.

All work is finished onto a high quality Compact Disc
ready to enjoy for home stereo, the car and your iPod.

We restore any amateur and professional recording
from vinyl, cassettes, Mini-Discs and Compact Discs,
including speeches, live and studio demos, DJ mix tapes,
radio broadcasts and mp3 files.
We can also extract and improve audio from DVD or VHS.

We offer pickup and delivery in New York City.
This protects your records and tapes, eliminating the
need for packing, shipping, insurance and tracking.

We also accept mail orders and PayPal.

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Clef Audio Services
Clef Audio Services
Created to restore the sound of your favorite music